Few home remodeling projects come with more benefits and enjoyment than a kitchen remodel.  A gleaming new kitchen will absolutely make your home more livable, and it will increase the equity value of your real estate like few other remodeling projects can. A great new kitchen will be the focus of your families life and the center of social gatherings. A fully remodeled kitchen or kitchen facelift is most certainly a project worth the time, money, and effort.

We are here to help you avoid being overwhelmed by home renovation. We do that by educating and helping you learn and understand the steps that go into the process. The team at DL Phillips will approach the kitchen remodel project with your priorities in mind. We assist you in identifying your preferences. Put together a plan all while we share the knowledge we have gained working on past projects.

The end result... a kitchen where you and your family want to be.

DL Phillips Construction proudly serves Thurston and Lewis counties and the communities in and around Olympia, Lacey,  and Tumwater, Wa


Kitchen Sink Renovation

A kitchen remodel can be extensive by expanding beyond the current footprint and adding on or less involved by updating the existing layout.

When trying to keep costs to a minimum we can look at keeping the existing layout and help you determine what updates to make to kitchen cabinets, sink countertops, plumbing fixtures, backsplash and flooring. A facelift to your kitchen can revive your home!


Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

When the kitchen remodel will be extensive expanding beyond the existing footprint and adding on space we review kitchen design shapes and determine which works best for you.

After deciding on the new layout we can help you determine your style and select trim options to showcase your personal kitchen style. Selecting complimentary kitchen cabinets, sink countertops, plumbing fixtures, backsplash and flooring. A gleaming new kitchen will bring new energy and life to your home.


Grand Kitchen Remodel



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