Siding Is Your Friend Dry Rot Is NOT!

Reasons To Consider  A Home Improvement ProjectA beautiful home starts with an eye catching facade, and nothing can fix or ruin the look of a home like its siding. It is the unsung hero on every residential house - when it looks great, no one notices; when siding is a mess, it is all anyone will see.Why is siding important?The siding on a home has a much more important job than just looking great. Siding protects the

Why Move If You Can Remodel

Reasons To Consider  A Home Improvement ProjectHave you become frustrated or bored with certain rooms in your home? This is a common occurrence if you have lived in your home for some time. In fact, people who feel their home is outdated, cramped, or comprised of poor design often consider moving over beginning a home improvement project. While in the moment this may seem like an easy fix, it comes with its own set of disadvantages and can

Five Energy Efficient Tips That Add Value To Your Home

As the needs of growing families change cross the U.S., many homeowners are choosing to update their current home rather than buy a new one. Adding an addition or making energy efficient updates are great ways to spruce up your house and add to the value of your home. Ensuring your additions are energy efficient is also a great way to save money now and possibly make some later when and if you decide to sell.If saving energy

Empty Nest Remodel

Empty nest season – it can bring about both feelings of sadness and excitement for parents. While most people are typically sad to see all of their children out of the home, being empty nesters does have its perks. One in particular is having the freedom to renovate and redecorate a home, especially the bedrooms. While many people set their sites on downsizing later on in life, many homeowners tend to stay in their home for some time after

Five Tips To Renovating An Old House

So you’ve found yourself in a beautiful old house that you just love. Maybe you grew up here or maybe you drove by one day and knew it just had to be yours. However you wound up in this special piece of history, you may now realize there are many repairs that need to be made. But how can you renovate your home in a way that will retain its roots while modernizing and bringing it into the

How To Find The Right Remodeling Contractor

Most of us have been there at one time or another – there is a project in your home that needs the skill and expertise of a remodeling contractor, but you aren’t sure who is the right person to help. Remodeling any area of your home is not a feat that should be taken lightly. You are seeking to hire someone who is trustworthy, experienced, will complete the project, and can give you an accurate estimate on the amount of work