Empty Nest Remodel

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Empty nest season – it can bring about both feelings of sadness and excitement for parents. While most people are typically sad to see all of their children out of the home, being empty nesters does have its perks. One in particular is having the freedom to renovate and redecorate a home, especially the bedrooms. 

While many people set their sites on downsizing later on in life, many homeowners tend to stay in their home for some time after the children leave. If this sounds like your current scenario, and you are considering remodeling or starting a home improvement project, here are some things to keep in mind before moving forward. 

Bedrooms are typically the first space in a home to undergo remodeling once the children have ‘left the nest’. Depending on your needs, personality, and behavior, there are many unique ways to create a new space out of a bedroom. For instance, at DL Phillips Construction, we have helped renovate a child’s bedroom into a his/hers office, a home gym, relaxation room, library, extra bathroom, arts and crafts space, and even a wine room! Whatever you choose, the key is to keep the design accessible so the room can grow with you into later stages in life.

You will also want to take sleeping space into consideration before you jump right in and remodel all of your extra bedrooms. Although it is tempting to turn all of your now freed-up space into the rooms you have been dreaming about, it is a good idea to keep at least one of the extra bedrooms as a guest room. You will most likely have visitors in the future, and potentially grandchildren, etc. Accommodating family can be tricky if your newly designed sewing, game room, or man cave doesn’t exactly have space for a bed. 

If you are only working with one extra bedroom, partnering with a skilled construction team can help you create the room of your dreams while designing a functional sleeping space within the room, such as the addition of a Murphy bed, etc. 

If a full renovation isn’t in the budget, there are still many ways to update a child’s bedroom once they head off the college. Apply a fresh coat of paint in a color of your choice, switch out old carpeting or flooring for a finish that would work well for the room’s new purpose, and replace old, worn out furniture and accessories. These three swaps alone can completely transform a room and give you the distinctive space you have been waiting for!

The DL Phillips Construction team understands the pieces involved when an empty nest home improvement project is underway. With more than three decades in the construction business, we want to help you create the home of your dreams, even if you are just starting with one bedroom. Reach out to our team today for bedroom renovation ideas, an estimate, or to see some of our testimonials and recent projects. 

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