Why Move If You Can Remodel

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Reasons To Consider  A Home Improvement Project

Have you become frustrated or bored with certain rooms in your home? This is a common occurrence if you have lived in your home for some time. In fact, people who feel their home is outdated, cramped, or comprised of poor design often consider moving over beginning a home improvement project. While in the moment this may seem like an easy fix, it comes with its own set of disadvantages and can cost more in the long run depending on the scope of the home improvement project.

Moving brings multiple hassles. First, you and/or your family will deal with the stress involved in packing, moving and unpacking. Second, you will be spending money in order to sell your home – with a certain percentage going to the realtors who sell the property. In addition, depending on how far your new home is located, paying a moving company to transport your belongings can prove to be quite costly. And last, there is no guarantee another home will be designed exactly to your preference.

Home improvement projects, on the other hand, offer many benefits. To start, you can get exactly what you want – whether that is an updated, renovated kitchen, an addition to your home to increase space, or a custom project that suits your exact needs. Depending on your budget, you can renovate one room at a time or multiple projects at once. Whatever you choose, you can soon achieve the house you have dreamed about.

Still torn on whether beginning a home improvement project or moving is the right option for you? Consider these reasons of why remodeling or renovating would be the best option for you:

  • The Area Suits Your Needs – There is a popular saying that is often heard when the remodeling vs. moving debate occurs. It states, “You can fix a home, but you can’t fix a neighborhood.” If you love the area you are in, have planted roots in terms of your children and their schooling, your place of employment, your favorite stores, and medical care, etc., keep in mind that your new neighborhood will be different than your current location. It may be hard to replicate the things you love in your new neighborhood.
    When you work with the experienced and skilled contractors at LeMier Phillips, you can stay in the place you love by fixing the issues with your current home. Afterwards, you can enjoy both the neighborhood and your newly revitalized home.
  • The Structure of the Home is Still Solid – While it is true that some homes may not be structurally sound, most homes are still solid at their core. If this is the case with your home, working with a knowledgeable home improvement company can help you get a better idea of how your home can be transformed. Let the professionals offer advice on how different rooms can be renovated, if spaces can be expanded through additions in the home, if walls can be removed to reinvigorate a space, or if smaller changes such as new lighting and flooring can bring about the change you desire.  
  • The Home has Sentimental Value – There are certain homes that involve a special connection with its homeowner. Perhaps it was passed down from a previous generation, or maybe it features unique architectural elements not often seen today. These are distinctive qualities that cannot be replicated through the purchase of a new home. By updating through a home improvement project, you can bring your structure into the future while keeping hold of cherished memories or elements.

Speak to a skilled contractor today at LeMier Phillips Construction about how a home improvement project can improve the comfort, value, and functionality of your space.

DL Phillips Construction is a top-rated contractor in the Olympia, Washington area comprised of third generation builders. From whole house remodeling and kitchen renovations to bathroom remodeling and custom home builds, DL Phillips can help you bring the house of your dreams to fruition. Tell us about your project here or call 360-292-7890 today!

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