How To Find The Right Remodeling Contractor

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Most of us have been there at one time or another – there is a project in your home that needs the skill and expertise of a remodeling contractor, but you aren’t sure who is the right person to help. Remodeling any area of your home is not a feat that should be taken lightly. You are seeking to hire someone who is trustworthy, experienced, will complete the project, and can give you an accurate estimate on the amount of work needed (aside from any surprises that may be lurking under the surface). 

To find the right remodeling contractor for the job, it is best to implement a few of the following steps when interviewing potential contractors. And remember, interviewing more than one person is an ideal way to get various points of views about the project, and see if one contractor’s expertise and approach works best for your situation. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right remodeling contractor:

•Research experience and credentials – Credentials and experience are key when it comes to credible contractors. Spend time on the contractor’s website – does the company hold any designations from homebuilder, remodeling, or kitchen and bath associations? Are they licensed and/or insured? 
Also, take a closer look at the company’s specific experience, including:
1. How long have they been in the remodeling contractor business? 
2. What type of remodeling do they specialize in?
3. Do they have a credible and established presence in the community?
4. And does the company have a permanent mailing address, phone number, etc.?
Getting a better idea of a contractor company’s experience and credentials can give you peace of mind regarding moving forward (or not moving forward) with a particular business. 

•Remember you are buying a service – Hiring a remodeling contractor means you are purchasing a service, rather than a product. When you get top quality service, you are likely to wind up with a top quality product at the completion of the job. In order to determine if a contractor’s service is top notch, ask to see some completed projects and see if there are any references you can reach out to. 
When speaking with references, you can ask if the project was completed on budget and on time, how the implementation of the project was handled, and if the reference was happy with the completed project. 

•Don’t take anyone’s word for it – Contracts are crucial when taking on a remodel project with a contractor. Any contractor you choose should provide you with a professional contract that discusses items such as:
1.  Bid price and payment calendar
2. Scope of work for your specific project
3. Site plan
4. A change-order clause
5. Any warranties
6. Dispute resolution clause
7. A construction task schedule
8. A waiver of lien
Each contractor will have a different contract agreement, which may or may not include the above-mentioned items. If you are unsure about any language in your contract, be sure to review it with your chosen contractor before signing on the dotted line. 

The team at DL Phillips Construction understands how important it is for a homeowner to hire the right remodeling contractor for his or her project. With over three decades in the construction business, and a variety of affiliations, certifications, and happy clients, we hope you will let us provide our expertise and passion for your next remodel. Reach out to the DL Phillips Construction team today for an estimate, or to see some of our testimonials and recent projects.

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